Attention Alachua County Voters,

Today is the last chance for us to vote YES on Single-Member Districts. The establishment machine in Gainesville is trying to undermine our campaign by spreading lies about what voting YES for Single-Member Districts would mean for Alachua County Residents. Not only are these blatant and clearly false lies, but the text messages that Ken Cornell’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is sending out are also falsely labeled.

Tonight, thousands of Alachua County registered voters received a text message from “Alachua County’s Future, ” a political action committee registered in Fort Lauderdale that Ken Cornell founded according to the Florida Department of State.

This is the same PAC whose Facebook page has mocked politicians, posted the aftermath of criminal defacement of electioneering material, and boasted of their suppression of voters and candidates.

In a now-deleted post on their page, the PAC even boasted the destruction of legally produced and placed signs in favor of Single-Member Districts. Despite their cries about the “voter suppression” taking place at the hands of politicians in the county, they seem surprisingly happy to see voter suppression taking place.

All of this, culminated in their desperation last-minute text messages to voters from the same PAC celebrating the destruction of Single-Member District campaign material because of how bad it would be for Alachua County Residents if this referendum passed.

What would this hellscape look like? It would make the whole county look like the city of Gainesville, which is ironic because under the at-large system this is exactly what has happened for the past 40 years.

This desperation is the result of our tenacious campaign to ensure a fair and reasonable system of representation in the county. One which would not eliminate any chance of diversity of opinion being elected to the county commission, as has been the case for more than a decade, and would thereby have the opposite effect that this text message insinuates.

Our campaign will be working tirelessly in the last 24 hours, from now until the polls close, if you can join our effort to take the fight to the establishment machine in Alachua County please email us at or call us at (352) 327-8710.

Thank you and God Bless America.